Hello everyone, This message is mainly for future adopters but can apply to all dog owners.

You want to adopt a dog and we are here to help you find the right one.

However, there is one fundamental concept you need to be aware of: A dog that is put up for adoption is by definition abandoned. Even though they had a good home, they arrive scared and confused, not understanding what is happening to them. So they all have to deal with a trauma that will take a lot of love, understanding and time to resolve. You want to help one of these dogs but before starting the adoption process it is important that you are aware of the commitment you are making. We are here to help you meet your future companion but also to provide you with essential advice on how to behave with him. Be open-minded and observant.

If you’re having trouble with your dog, someone familiar with the breed or someone who’s been through the adoption process before may be able to offer you a solution. We don’t expect a superhero! It is therefore important that each dog is adopted in a home adapted to its needs. The goal is above all to give our dogs a happy life. Anyone considering adopting a dog should consider a few things to ensure they can provide the right home for the right dog. The worst thing you can do to a dog is to take him without proper consideration and then return him because you can’t stand him or he doesn’t live up to your expectations. A dog is not a toy. Despite what some people think, dogs have feelings. They suffer from loss and grief, worry, confusion and stress. You commit for several years.

Is your family also engaged in adoption? Can you afford a dog? Adopting a dog means buying food, regular flea and worm treatments, annual vaccinations, and occasional vet bills. Do you have the time and energy for a dog? Your dog will need exercise (regardless of the weather) and play. It may require grooming. He may need the help of a behavior expert. When you go on vacation, there will also be kennel fees. Maybe insurance? Dogs can be expensive. Adopting is not always a success. This is often because the adopter does not understand the needs of their particular dog. Sometimes the dog does not settle. If all of this scares you, you may not be ready to adopt.

To learn more about the adoption process, you can become a foster family to understand our commitment to finding the right home for dogs. When you observe the dogs and check their ID cards, do not hesitate to inquire about the character of the dog you like. Don’t feel insulted if you are told the animal is unsuitable. There are plenty of dogs that will fit. You may not find the one you want right away. Visit our site regularly. There are many homeless dogs waiting for adoption and staying with one of our foster families. As soon as the right dog is available, we can introduce him to you.


All our dogs are NON LOFT, they are identified, vaccinated, dewormed, treated against parasites, sterilized and descaled (unless medically indicated otherwise)

Membership is mandatory for the adoption of a TSDF. A financial contribution is requested in order to contribute to the rescue of the TSDF present within the association and those to come

it breaks down as follows:

– for a placement:

from ten weeks to one year: 300€*

from one year to two years: 250€*

from two years to less than five years: €220*

from five to less than seven years old: €190*

from seven years to less than ten years: €160*

* subject to ad hoc modification by decision of the Board of Directors

10 years and over, rescue, participation in investment costs determined by the Board of Directors in consultation with the family.

Rescue donation for some TSDF (decided by the Board on a case-by-case basis)

– participation in sterilization costs:

– for a male: 60€

– for a female: 90€

In the case of a non-sterilized dog, a deposit check in the amount of €500 is mandatory, it will be returned upon receipt of the veterinary certificate of sterilization at the headquarters of the TSDF association.

Adoption form

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Additional Adoption Files

Form for sending supporting documents for an adoption: ATTENTION all information is mandatory!


    Carpooling is not systematic.

    However, if it is possible to do so, they are provided by the members of our Association. We do not accept carpoolers from other associations or so-called “professionals”.

    In the case of carpooling, your participation in the costs will be indicated to you in advance, knowing that for short journeys there is a minimum flat rate of 50 euros requested.



    Nos teckels avant adoption


    Dear members,

    If you are professional or amateur breeders, this site and its forum are not places to advertise to sell your dogs!
    Therefore, no publicity for the sale or placement of dogs will be tolerated.

    Our association systematically sterilizes all the animals that are cared for.

    If someone is looking for a dachshund to buy, we will advise them to get in touch with the breed club, but under no circumstances will there be a sale here!