Become temporary or permanent foster family


Do you want to join our association by gracefully hosting one of our dachshunds in need of a home, sick or retired? Thank you for your approach.

  A temporary foster family takes care of dogs from the moment they are entrusted to them by the association to the moment when they are adopted

  A permanent foster family provides care or retirement basket to our protégés until the end of their days.

  Foster Families are an essential element for the survival of our Association.
It should be pointed out that the dog which would be entrusted to you can quickly find a family, but for some it takes longer, even much longer than expected!

  So, think already: “if I go on vacation, on a weekend … can I take the dog with me?
And if I can not take it, I absolutely have to warn as soon as possible in advance the Association to find a replacement for the time of my absence. “Being foster family is a generous act but you must also be available to do it, have sufficient room, be tolerant and have a lot of abnegation, you must not forget the compatibility with your own animals, this is a real priesthood … and it’s so rewarding to see a happy pet and see happy adopters! Therefore there are only a few foster families.

  Being foster family is a COMMITMENT that should not be taken lightly, that can last a long period of time. It is the passport to a better life for our protégées.

  Being foster family is the BALANCE between his own life and the lives of the dogs in need of a sweet home.

  Permanent foster families are vital for the survival of our little sick or aging protégées. Without these families our Association would not have any legitimacy.

  To offer care or a retirement basket, one needs time, patience, needs to be able to go to the vet quickly day or night, to be compassionate, not to be disgusted by the health care, one must have a lot of humility. Take the animal with you everywhere because you are his only referent. Expect nothing other than the well-being and soft glance of the small creature which was entrusted to you.

  This is why the permanent foster families are even rarer than temporary foster families.

  You ask yourself questions about:

  FEES :
At our cost: veterinary fees (You choose a veterinarian and we give you our agreement or not). It is the association who pays directly by bank transfer when receiving an invoice.
At your cost: food (except for special regime), learning of good conduct (walking on a leash, obedience, cleanliness …), soft cushions, walks, hugs. ..
Temporary or permanent foster family – both mean joy, stress, worry and sometimes grief …

  Joy is – accommodating the small dog, putting it back on it’s feet, cuddling, the loving gaze he gives you….

  The inconveniences: pees, vomiting, parasites, the grunts, fear of humans and what come with it, conflict with other pets in the house, sometimes even with the family, children, spouses, extended family, friends …

  The worries: ex owners are surly, the animal does not eat, he is very ill, he does not want to walk on a leash, he is afraid of humans and/ or noises …
You think you do too much or not enough…. You ask yourself questions about the choice of his adoptive home … Or about the care he should receive …

  The grief: powerlessness compared to the character of the dog, long illness, death … Incompatibility with other animals or humans, the separation when he lives with his adoptive family…. Or to another world…. You will also be solicited a lot on the phone especially in the evenings and on weekends.

  Temporary or permanent foster family – a contract will be signed by both sides on interim or permanent custody arrangements of the entrusted animal.

  Foster families agree never to receive any money whatsoever without immediate notification of a member of the Board of Directors.
The families agree to report to the Board of Directors about any package received for their protégées.

  Think you can open the door of your home and your heart?
Ready for this great adventure?
Contact us by giving us some details about you!

  If you are applying to become voluntary Temporary Foster Family (FR) and / or Permanent Foster Family (FAD) please return the completed questionnaire below.

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