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    [checkbox souadhe "I wish to JOIN "TECKELS SANS DOUX FOYER" association and pays a sum of 30 € (the contribution is valid for one calendar year)"] [checkbox renadhe "I renew my contribution to "TECKELS SANS DOUX FOYER" association and pays the sum of 30 €"] [checkbox couadhe "We wish to JOIN "TECKELS SANS DOUX FOYER" association as a couple or assimilated or as a legal entity and we pay the sum of 50 €"] [checkbox nladhe " We renew our contribution to the "TECKELS SANS DOUX FOYER" association"] I agree that the association Teckels Sans Doux Foyer retains the informations I have given in this form in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).* I wish to receive a RECEIPT for tax deduction according to the current law. Only the donations and the sponsoring entitle to a tax reduction The receipt will be sent at the beginning of the second quarter 2021. I wish to SPONSOR one of your protégés and pay the sum of _____________ €. ( Name of the dog I sponsor):

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    Association Teckels SDF

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    Teckels SDF
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    Saint Avit

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    using the IBAN: FR7610278374000001053160153